My name is Sanne Jansen and I started S.NNE in all its glory from my own name, to create a new movement within physical therapy.  

This all begins with the urge to find out the deeper need of the body to express certain symptoms. Within this I connect the physical, emotional and psychosocial. 

My experience as a physical therapist contributes to understanding the basics: the body. From my passion for people and their behavior on different levels, I have learned to work on all layers of someone’s being. 


You perceive a disconnection with your body and you are looking for the essence of your complaints. Despite it has been drawing your attention for a long time and you may have already tried several different therapies, you feel like you can’t figure it out.

Beneath the physical complaints or illness lies a world of wisdom. I would like to take you on a journey through your body, to go on an adventure there, and to discover what your body expresses and why. I believe in the power of curiosity, honesty and self-recognition from your own leadership, in order to map your body and your life.

To feel and experience the essence of life with peace and confidence, as you are.

My technique is something rather difficult to describe, since what is needed differs per individual.
In short: I work as a translator for the body.


Based on your needs and the feedback your body provides, we investigate what is needed to bring movement where it is needed. I provide a translation of what is going on inside your body, in words that are clear to you.

I would love to meet you when you want to learn more about connecting with your own body, and connecting with the symptoms your body is showing.


How long does a session last?

A treatment lasts 60 minutes.

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What are the costs?

Regular treatment price is €70,-

What does a treatment look like?

My work is based on energy- and bodywork, connected with the emotional world, pain and the everyday. Through this all, we work with connecting the body.

Will it be reimbursed?

My treatments are partly reimbursed by health insurers if you are insured for physiotherapy. The fee varies per institution. Send me a message if you want to find out more on this.

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I work on different locations, see the photos for a little view. All locations are placed in Amsterdam-West.


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I’m looking forward to meet you!
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Open from Monday till Thursday
Workspaces are in Amsterdam-West